Here are the most interesting and ridiculous concepts for iPhone 6

On November 6, 2013


iPhone 6 concept began to emerge long before the launch of the iPhone 5S and considering that we are already heading towards the next iPhone model that will be launched in 2014 by Apple, it’s time to see some of the most interesting concepts for it.

Even though Apple certainly tests all kinds of iPhone devices with larger or smaller screen sizes, company representatives said once that a phone must remain usable with one hand, so we should not expect an iPhone with a screen as the giant Galaxy S4 smartphone, for example, not to mention the Note 3.

A very good method with which Apple already is customary, to make a large screen, without making a bigger device is to minimize the edges.

Apple already did this with the new iPad Air, which minimized the edges of the screen, while retaining its 9.7 inch diagonal, but drastically reducing the size of the tablet.

So most likely this will be the case of the next iPhone model, whether Apple, of course, decide to increase the screen.

Under these conditions, we present below some concepts that, according to the above ideas seem to be the most realistic yet.

iph 2

iph 3

Let us now turn to a few noteworthy awful concepts.

iph 4

With curved screen:

iph 5

A refurbished iPhone 3GS:


iPhone SF:


An absolutely ridiculous concept: