Introducing the WOiP Editors Choice Award

On September 13, 2008

Next week marks the three month anniversary of During that time we have been amazed by the rapid evolution of the App Store.  It launched with more apps than most expected, and at a mindblowing pace, has kept us busy filling our database with over 3000 apps so far…


After reading and building the site with all of these apps we have discovered that… the good apps are really good… the bad apps are… crApp… and more than once, after an update, a really good app has become an extraordinary app.

We’ve also learned that there are developers who are out to make a quick buck and then there are those developers who are committed to the platform and want to produce the best possible app.

So today, as we approach our third month’s anniversary, and the App Store tops 3000 apps, we are pleased to introduce our Editors Choice Award.

The Editor’s Choice Award apps are selected based upon many different criteria including –

Value, Interface Design, User Experience, Developers’ Involvement (feedback response, upgrades), App Longevity (is the app a keeper?), Use of unique iPhone features (touch, accelerometer, etc), Feedback from our readers, and additional less quantifiable parameters including app usefulness, and how the app compares to others in the same category.

So please be on the lookout for our first group of recipiants of the WOiP Editors Choice Award, and help us support those developers who really go the extra step!