iOS 4 Available Monday!

On June 21, 2010

Do you have a 3GS or even 3G iphone?  If so, Apple is launching iOS 4 a little early for you (first Gen iPhone users are out of luck).

iOS 4 has over 100 new features for owners of the iPhone 3GS, released last June.  The update includes multitasking and folder organization.  The update is coming ahead of Thursdays iPhone 4 launch probably to help stem the huge load the new users are going to put on the Apple servers once the new phones get out to the anxious hands of their new owners.

What will iOS 4 do for your current iPhone?

iPhone 3G:  The upgrade will work but not with all the features.  Multitasking and Bluetooth keyboard support won’t be available.


iPod Touch: The new features will mostly work with the latest iTouch (one that came out in late 2009), but multitasking will not be available for the iTouches that were released back in 2008.

iPad: Sorry guys, no update here.  iPad gets its own later this year (probably fall).

Other popular features that are being touted in the new iOS are;

iBook store, Multiple E-Mail accounts in one unified inbox, Spell Checker for E-Mail, Custom playlists, and a host of many others that we will get to play with Monday!