iOS 5.1 changes Safari with blank page instead of bookmarks

On March 9, 2012

The iOS 5.1 sure introduced some improvements to the iOS devices which amongst them are improved battery life, bug fixes and a few others. In addition to that, there are also changes made to native applications available on all iOS devices.

In the case of the web browsing application Safari, Apple had decided to do some tweaks with the settings of the application. This is because instead of bookmarks on which the users get into when they choose a new tab, users can get to a blank page instead. This tweak is also available on iOS 5.0.1 devices although there are some jailbreak applications involved.

In other news, Apple has stated that their 4G enabled iPad 3 may not work in all countries. In fact, the company don’t expect that the 4G connection to be compatible with networks other than those available in the United States and Canada. This is because the band of spectrum that the iPad 3 currently uses does not suit those that are in Europe and also at the rest of the world. It may be best to check the compatibility of the device with the country’s carriers before buying it for the sake of the 4G connection.