iOS 5 and its future unlock solutions

On August 8, 2011

In the last days I noticed that a lot of people are interested to find a solution to unlock for iOS4 for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

Unfortunately for you I havn’t good news, actually I have nothing new because the Dev Team has not said anything about launching any unlock solutions.

Latest news about the release of unlock solutions were in the spotlight “story” of MuscleNerd who claimed that unlock solution developed by him it only work on a card belonging to T-Mobile USA.


To answer of your possible questions: no, Dev Team will not launch a unlock solution for iOS 4 and iOS 6 because doesn’t appear in iTunes. In fact it is very likely that Dev Team will not launch a unlock solution for iOS 4 and to launch only to iOS 5 and all those who want to unlock will have to make updates.

If the Dev Team has an exploit for the baseband of iOS 4, make sure that he will not reveal now and he will wait for Apple to launch iOS 5 with updated baseband that most likely will contain that vulnerability. If I go on this idea, Dev Team will not launch a unlock solution until the iPhone 5 will be available on the market in hopes that baseband will be operated as well. In conclusion, if you want unlock, use Gevey, baseband of iPad or wait for iOS 5.

Now let’s talk about the Gevey cards whose days are numbered at the moment. Starting with iOS 5 beta 2, Apple has blocked the possibility of decode an iPhone 4 with a Gevey 3G card.

If you update now the iOS 5 and you will update the baseband you will not be able to decode the Gevey but if you downgrade to iOS 4.3.5 you can do this. Once the iOS 5 will be officially launched you will not be able to downgrade the baseband. After the release of iOS 5 these cards will become unusable and you will have to wait a unlock solution from the Dev Team.