iOS 5 Beta 7 Solves Important Applications Issue But Comes With A High Boot Time

On August 9, 2013

Apart from small changes implemented by Apple in its new iOS 5 beta 7, the company has solved a very important problem that gave immensely headaches to iPhones owners.

Specifically, Apple has solved the problems that prevented some applications to run in the beta operating system. Applications like Skype or Plants vs Zombies 2 can now be run without problems in iOS 5 beta 7 without developers to make any change, a sign that it was a problem of the operating system and no permanent changes from Apple.

Nobody outside Apple engineers do not know what changed to allow the company to run these applications, but this matters less, important is the fact that you can use them without problems.

In other news, if you have installed iOS 5 beta 7 and by chance you reset the device after the first installation, then you notice that the operating system boots extremely hard our devices. Of course no one has an explanation for this quite complicated problem, but perhaps Apple has enabled several new services in iOS 7, who knows what other logging systems or boot verification has activated. No matter what Apple changed in the boot, this will be resolved until the final release of the operating system, so no need to think that the problem will persist.

Meanwhile unfortunately you do not have how to solve the problem, because you cannot jailbreak your iOS 7, so you may come back to iOS 6.x or learn to “survive” this problem and try to rarely reset your device.