iOS 5 GM is available along with two other applications

On October 4, 2011

Tonight Apple released iOS 5 GM for applications developers of iOS 5, which is the final version of the operating system that will be launched on 12 October for users. GM version included all the “goodies” that Apple will offer in October 12 but now I do not know if this version of iOS can be jailbroken using existing programs.

Also do not know even if it can be activated or decoder but Dev Team will elucidate on these days about all you need to know.

GM version of Mac OS X 10.7.2 Lion was launched today by Apple, it contains the final integration and is the final version of iCloud’s update.

iTunes 10.5 is marked as “coming soon” on the Apple site and will definitely be available on 11/12 October.

Tonight Apple released 2 applications for its users, one named Cards and one called Find My Friends. Cards allow you to send postcards to friends and relatives directly from your device. Apple made several templates that users can use and we only need to enter your message and a picture for the postcard. For now the service is available for $2.99 to send a postcard in the U.S. and $4.99 to send a postcard overseas and virtually anyone can use it.

Find My Friends is the second service launched by Apple, and it allows users to find friends using Maps, wherever they find them. About Find My Friends I heard so many times in the past but Apple is only now decided to launch the service and everything should work just as well in a social network. We invite friends to us display their location for a specified period of time, we portray our location and we can find each other very simple and easy. Apple IDs will certainly be used as username and using Find My Friends you will find friends anywhere, only if they wish.