iOS 5 help increase the new Twitter users and searches made from Wolfram Alpha

On December 9, 2011

Apple finally implemented in iOS 5 the compatibility with Twitter so that users can now share links and images directly from Safari and Camera applications with the push of a button. Apple included in the iOS setup menu the possibility to login with a Twitter account but if you do not have one you can do by following a link from the same menu. The collaboration between Twitter and Apple has generated a 25% increase in the number of new users registered on the social network Twitter and I think next year this figure will continue to grow.

But Twitter is not the only company to benefit from a partnership with Apple in iOS 5 because the Wolfram Alpha search engine has a lot to gain since iPhone 4S is on the market. Siri, the personal assistant of iOS 5, use the search engine Wolfram Alpha to answer some of the questions posed by users and the first week after the release of iPhone 4S number of searches made using Wolfram Alpha has grown 20 times. But Siri is only available on iPhone 4S and not for all terminals, so think how much would have increased the number of searches the holder of iPhone 3GS/4 would be used Wolfram Alpha system.

iOS 5 contributes greatly to the development of Twitter and Wolfram Alpha and the ones who loses here are Facebook and Google.