iOS 6.1.1 – An Update for iPhone 4S Users

On February 12, 2013

Apple recently updated the iOS operating system to version 6.1, and an update version number 6.1.1 was already in progress. Instead of a general update, the company has released an update yesterday evening bearing this version number, but that is only for the iPhone 4S.

Although most of us, including the author of these lines, made the leap to version 6.1 without problems, some users have encountered problems with the stability of network connections, which affect data transfer, phone calls and text messages. These problems were sufficiently common for operators Vodafone UK and 3 Austria to advise users not to jump to the new version.

The update is only available for iPhone 4S terminals, former 6.1.1 update will be displayed with a different version number. It has a size of 23 MB, and the only information provided by Apple only concerns the above problem. Stay tuned, we will keep you updated about this version as soon as we have more information.