iOS 6 untethered iPhone 5 jailbreak to come in weeks

On November 26, 2012

The iPhone 5 has yet to have a working untethered jailbreak for it. The reason is that the iOS 6 present in the iPhone 5 has one of the toughest protections that Apple has ever applied for their devices. While this doesn’t mean that it is impossible for the hackers to get a working jailbreak, it is definitely a gruesome task. Joshua Hill or better known as p0sixninja recently tweeted saying that getting a working untethered jailbreak will be a slow process.

We did hear people falling to scams about a working jailbreak for iOS 6 though. EasyUnlockiPhone for example claimed that they already have a working jailbreak for iOS 6 where in reality they don’t. New iPhone owners may not be aware of this fact and some have parted with a lot of money out of their pocket. Lesson learnt is to know some of the seasoned iPhone hackers and wait for their free releases instead.

In other news, Will.i.Am has announced a new accessory for the iPhone camera. This accessory clips to the camera and increases the iPhone’s 8MP camera to 14MP. He mentioned that the accessory has its own sensor and flash thus allowing for a higher resolution camera.