iOS 7.1 has been installed on 6% of all iDevices

On March 12, 2014


Even though the new iOS 7.1 was only released yesterday 5.9% of all iOS devices in North America have already been updated and are now running on the new software.

This is according to Chitika who have measured ad impressions from tens of millions of iOS-based devices in the U.S. and Canada from March 9 to March 11, 2014. It is interesting that these numbers compare to those seen when 7.0.6 was released, this update was installed on 13.3 percent of iOS devices 48 hours after release and 25 percent of devices after four days.

Of course as Chitika states the update numbers cannot be compared to those when iOS 7.0 was released:

As with most minor version updates, iOS 7.1 adoption rates have been less dramatic than those of its major-version counterparts. In the 24 hours following the operating system’s public release, iOS 7.1 users generated 5.9% of total North American iOS Web traffic.

What is interesting is that with each major iOS update there is a higher rate of adoption. Furthermore according to Apple’s App Store support page for developers, 83 percent of all iOS devices have iOS 7 installed as of March 9, 2014.