iOS 7.1 will allow deleting iOS updates downloaded but not installed, thus freeing valuable space

On January 15, 2014

iOS 7.1

One of the main problems left by Apple in iOS intentionally is that users, even if they do not want to install a newer version of the new operating system, they are obliged to keep it in their iPhones, occupying space for absolutely nothing.

That happened with iOS 7 that was automatically downloaded to users devices, when they were connected to a Wi-Fi network and a power source and could not be deleted, although taking up precious space.

Well, as those of found in iOS 7.1 things will change because Apple decided to allow users to delete these updates downloaded but not installed yet.

It will only have to navigate to General>Usage and there select the version of iOS that appears to be downloaded, sometimes even without your will, so you can delete it.

This option is very useful even for those who intentionally download a new version of iOS, but on the way they change their mind and do not want to install it anymore. Thus, they will be able, with iOS 7.1 to delete the downloaded file, which occupies space in vain.