iOS 7 and a new iPhone being tested by Apple, they appear to use the application logs from the App Store

On January 1, 2013

iOS 6.0.2 was released in December for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini owners, iOS 6.1 beta 4 was released for the same devices in the same month, and now we learn that Apple is already testing iOS 7. The logs from TNW received applications from developers who say a new iPhone called iPhone 6.1 installed applications from the App Store, and this device runs on iOS 7. iPhone 5 features iPhone 5.1 identifier, so the device found in the logs is definitely an iPhone 6 prototype, but so far nobody knows anything about it.

It seems that Apple is testing iOS 7 since the end of last year and now it is speculated that the official launch of the operating system could take place mid next year. If Apple is testing iOS 7 so early, there is the possibility that a major iOS version will not be released in autumn, but the summer after WWDC, as we were used until 2011. In the coming months we will probably learn new information about iPhone 6.1 and iOS 7, so we are expecting an interesting year ahead of us. Stay tuned for more interesting information about iPhone 6.1 or iOS 7.