iOS 7 And Its Launch On 10 September

On August 28, 2013

From a few days ago, on internet is circulating a rumor that Apple would release iOS 7 on September 10, the day following to include iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

Although some are beginning to give credibility to this information, in reality the chances that iOS 7 will occur then are extremely low, even if the information comes from Nuance. For Apple there are two very important reasons that prevents iOS 7 launch then, the first of them links to new features of the operating system that have not yet been presented, the second one is related to application developers.

Apple still has surprises implemented in iOS 7 and if it would launch a GM version for developers prior to 10th September, will reveal all that is struggling to hide for a few months, and this will not happen. Fingerprint reader, camera functions, dual LED flash, the sensor for detecting movement and who knows what other important information can be found in the final build of iOS 7 and Apple will not give us the opportunity to be profound “disappointed” again.

My guess is that iOS 7 GM for developer will be released on September 10 and the final version could reach us within 10 days.