iOS 7 Beta 2 Has Been Released By Apple – Download It Now

On June 25, 2013

Confirming everything we thought about Apple’s strategy, iOS 7 Beta 2 was released earlier this evening by the Cupertino Company. The new version of the operating system can be installed on any device that ran it in the past, and yet we do not know exactly what updates were implemented by the American company.

Given that we are talking about a rapidly changed beta version, we can expect some design elements to have changed, implementing new features and fixing running problems, but in a separate article I will come back with details.

If you have installed iOS 7 beta without having your UDID registered on behalf of a developer of applications, then don’t try to make OTA Update because you will not be able to activate the terminal. The only way to install iOS 7 beta 2 without problems is downloading a new version of the iOS ipsw and install it using the Shift/Option + Check for Updates.

And if you were interested to know when this version of the operating system expires, well on August 8 it will block your terminals. The information comes from iH8sn0w, the hacker managed to extract ipsw from Apple, to gain access to system files and thus you must know how much you can keep iOS 7 beta 2 in your terminal.

You can download iOS 7 beta 2 via this website, but you must be patient to load all the links.

iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 4G terminals are only compatible with iOS 6, which cannot run iOS 7.