iOS 7 Beta 4 Was Released – All The News – Constantly Updated Article

On July 30, 2013

Confirming today information, Apple released tonight iOS 7 Beta 4 for all compatible iDevice. The new build comes to 3 weeks away from iOS 7 Beta 3 problems dedicated to the Apple portal exploitation are forcing developers to delay the scheduled launch for the last week. Apart from this build, Apple has future plans to release the second beta of iOS 7, following the release of GM to be held in September, the final will arrive in iTunes two weeks away.

In the following we will present iOS 4 beta 7 updates, so do not forget to refresh from time to time as we are constantly updating this article.

1. Apple changed the buttons to open the Notifications Center from LockScreen and release of the terminals.

2. The engineering aspect of the Phone Dialer application it was slightly improved.

3. The Spotlight search system was modified directly from Springboard.

4. Now we can use swipe-ins to make the transition between Safari menus.

5. HDR function control button has been repositioned.

6. Reminders app now has a search bar.

7. New icons for the AirPlay system.

8. Shuffle function was reintroduced to songs.

9. Animations and the transparent mode from the homescreen were improved.

10. The button that allows you to use iPhone application on iPad in 2x mode it was reintroduced.

11. The option to receive notifications for file upload completion was implemented.

12. A problem that prevents introducing a PIN card after starting an iPhone was fixed.

13. The graphical buttons answering/rejecting calls was modified.

14. Siri is able to respond to new questions.

15. It confirmed the implementation of a fingerprint reader.

16. The graphics for downloading attachments in Mail application was modified.

17. Was implemented the ability to choose what sounds are played when completed uploading files via airdrop.

18. Calibrating the Compass application is much faster.