iOS 7 could be presented in an Apple event that could be held in April

On February 16, 2013

According to American analysts, in April Apple will hold an event in which will present something new to the general public, but no one knows for sure what. From the new iPad tablet to Apple TV software, analysts say that Apple will present a major release in April. They analyzed the time elapsed between events organized by Apple in the past 3 years and concluded in April that something must happen, but what?

Well, if Apple will hold an event in April, I think iOS 7 will be introduced then the first beta will be released to developers. I say this because iPhone 5S launch appears to be scheduled for this summer and Apple didn’t launched before a new iPhone without a new version of iOS, and the launch of a new version of iOS requires testing period. These test periods typically stretch for at least 2 months, and in 2010 Apple introduced iOS 4 just two months before the launch of iPhone 4.

Since Apple released iOS 6.1 in February, and it’s very unlikely that any iPad tablet to be submitted until the fall, I think Apple will present iOS 7 in April, if they organize an event. An overview of iOS 7 then the iPhone 5S will sure be launched in the summer, the presentation will have most likely place in Apple’s WWDC organized in June of each year. We will find out in the coming weeks if my predictions will come true.