iOS 7 Could Provide Slow-Motion Video Recording At 120 fps

On July 11, 2013

Another beta update for iOS 7 means more features that have been announced at WWDC, but were planned for future iOS devices. Now there are reports that Apple plans to use the slow-motion video recording device in its own future. Theory is difficult to test because no actual iOS device does support this feature.

During the official unveiling of iOS 7, one of the features that was emphasized was the 60 fps video recording, and according to the 9 to 5 Mac, there is a new feature in iOS 7 called “mogul” which allows recording clips of 120 frames per second to compatible hardware devices. At the moment, iPhone 5 and iOS 6 offers records up to a maximum 60 frames per second, although multiple applications can simulate a higher registration rate.

Depending on the recorder resolution, 120 frames per second can record videos in high quality and at extremely low speeds (as you can see in the video). Thus, we can say that Apple continues its campaign to focus on quality camera available on the iPhone and it should be quite interesting where they will get with this.