iOS 7 installed on 78% of iOS Devices

On January 2, 2014


Apple has released data concerning the number of iDevices running iOS 7, they posted these numbers on Apple’s App Store support page for developers. Seeing these numbers must be making someone very happy as they show that 78% of all active iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices are running the company’s latest mobile operating system. That is an increase of more than 4 percentage points since the beginning of December.

According to the numbers iOS 6 is currently installed on 18 percent of users’ handsets, while earlier versions of iOS account for 4 percent. What’s interesting is that currently 96% of all iOS Devices are running Apple’s two most recent iOS updates.

It will be interesting to see if these numbers will continue to increase, and if the latest Jailbreak has any influence on the number of devices running iOS 7.