iOS 7 Jailbreak Is Already In Pending – Hackers From evad3rs Are Testing Exploits!

On September 11, 2013

I’ve told you a few months ago that iOS 7 will have an untethered jailbreak solution available, and during last night the hacker named planetbeing, evad3rs team member, who released a jailbreak solution for iOS 6 announced that has begun verifying iOS 7.

This is an early stage of the development process, the hacker is checking existing exploits now owned by months, this process can take several weeks. If exploits are still viable, they will be used to develop a jailbreak solution, otherwise requiring discovery to others.

Although the hacker p0sixninja has pledged to develop a separate jailbreak solution, for now he gave no details on possible checks made for iOS 7, but will probably start doing so soon. Given the complexity of iOS 7 and new devices, iPhone 5S will probably be the main problem of hackers, the new 64-bit chip will be requiring most of the work. For now it is unknown when will be released a jailbreak solution for iOS 7, but we can expect it to occur at the earliest, after the release of iOS 7.0.1.