iOS 7 Jailbreak Solution – When You Can Expect It

On August 14, 2013

We learned yesterday that the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C to be featured on September 10 and I said that by September 20 we should have iOS 7 final released via iTunes.

Now, given that the final iOS 7 will be released soon, many expect a jailbreak solution for their devices to make its appearance as quickly as possible. Unfortunately I say even now that we have to wait a few months until the release of such a solution to jailbreak, so maybe by the end of the year we will have one available.

If hackers will decide to wait for iOS 7.1 to launch the jailbreak solution for this version of the operating system, then perhaps we can make jailbreak for our devices until 2014. Currently two separate entities own exploits in which can be exploited in iOS 7, after the release of the operating system will definitely have proof that it can be exploited, but no one knows how long it will be until the we will be able to do jailbreak. Stay tuned for more information regarding the iOS 7 Jailbreak, we will update and link to this article and from it.