iOS 7 has stability problems and iWork suite seems to be the only culprit

On October 11, 2013

iOS 7 iwork problems

The launches of new Apple phones have not always gone smoothly, users easily remembering the shorted antenna problem of the iPhone 4 or the too sensitive housing of the iPhone 5 model. The new iOS 7 seems that it lacks confidence, many users complaining about stability issues manifested by phone restarting without a reason and … blue screens.

Initially it was thought that the problem is specific to the new iPhone 5S phone, but it manifests itself in the case of older products such as 3rd generation iPad. One of the ways to trigger instability is using the iWork suite applications that the iPhone S users have received free probably due to the higher number of notifications from them.

It seems that the cause is some software incompatibility between these applications and the new operating system, even if they received small updates before iOS 7 launching. A solution that seems to work is to stop iCloud synchronization for Pages, Number and Keynote, but it is not too stylish.

The problem manifested itself after the first version of the operating system, update 7.0.2 didn’t solve it and confirming what it said when we presented the news in iOS 7: operating system still needs a lot of work and updating applications will be problematic.