iOS 7 – The Best LockScreen Concept

On January 24, 2013

The current iOS LockScreen is relatively well thought out and displays useful information, but iOS 7 could be something better, more useful and having more important information in the foreground. This idea was conceived concept of these images, allowing us to visualize the notifications in a whole new way, but here comes a new method to unblock these devices. The classic slide to unlock might turn into a roll to unlock, notifications can be displayed in a circle located in the middle of the screen.

Camera activation button would move to the top right of the screen, in the opposite corner is shown a button that would allow activating the Do Not Disturb function. LockScreen would display the included buttons for controlling music application, plus a list of notifications for each application, we quickly open the option of having certain features of applications without unblocking the device first.

The idea behind the concept is interesting, it could reach us through a tweak, but I do not think Apple will implement it alone. What do you think about this concept?