iOS 7 – This Is How A Trial System Could Work For App Store

On May 11, 2013

For years users ask Apple to implement a system were App Store applications to be tested before being purchased, but unfortunately the U.S. Company refused to do so. To highlight a simple method that can provide this functionality since iOS 7, a developer thought to present a concept for iOS 7 of the whole system in action. Basically developers could choose as their applications to be available in trial version for 1/7/30 days, and after the expiration of that term application would become inaccessible until its purchase.

    Developers can choose whether to allow a trial of 1, 7 or 30 days, or to disallow trials all together, on a per-app basis. For those apps that allow trials, the App Store would show a “Try for 7 days” button alongside “Buy app”. If you install the trial app, it gets flagged with a “Trial” flag over the icon, in a similar way to the “New” flag that was introduced in iOS 6.

Application installed in your terminal as a trial would have a special mark that would indicate that it is fitted for the test, and during its running it has displayed a banner that says how many days we can try the application. By trial’s end, the application would have posted a mark called Expired, it will not be accessible, and another trial will not be started for the same application on the same Apple ID. Developer’s idea is very good and I’m sure many people would love to see the system implemented in the App Store, but there is a very big problem.

The trial applications should have full functionality, although it would be accessible for a limited period of time, and their piracy would be much, much simpler than in the past. Apple must think of a highly complex system for protecting applications in the system, but until this will be developed, it remains just a good idea.