iOS 7 – Two New Security Bugs From LockScreen That Allows Access To Photo library And Making Phone Calls

On September 20, 2013

As expected, in the iOS 7 was discovered a new security bug that can be used by malicious people to access your photos from Camera Roll and then share them via email, social networks, etc.

Apple has acknowledged the existence of problems and say that they are working on solving them, but first let’s see what exactly it entails. For a person to have access to your photos from LockScreen need to have Control Center enabled to access in LockScreen and camera app open in the background, then following the steps below you can get unauthorized access to the application even if a passcode (security code) is set.

  • Open the Control Center in LockScreen.
  • Access the Clock.
  • Open Alarm Clock section of the application.
  • Hold the button.
  • Quickly press the Cancel button and then quickly press the Home button twice.
  • Hold the Home button pressed until you access the multitasking menu.

Of course, users can disable access to Control Center in LockScreen and solved the problem, but for those that keep it active is good to note that the Camera application should be closed if you want to have a secure device as possible and do not want your photos reach the wrong people.

Apart from the Control Center bug, a website in Brazil found that anyone can use the LockScreen Phone application to make any calls, not just emergency ones. All you have to do is to access the emergency call, to dial a number and press the call button continuously until the app is blocked, an apple will be displayed on the screen, at which point the call will be initiated. This problem is more serious, but users can block access to Phone application when they have a security code set.