iOS 7 Will Allow Us To Make Voice VoIP Calls Through FaceTime – Among Others

On June 10, 2013

As of iOS 7, iDevice users will be able to make voice VoIP calls through FaceTime, this option was unavailable in the past. Apple is trying to provide functionality that a lot of applications from the App Store gives users but now it will be available directly from the iOS. Perhaps the system will operate exactly as if FaceTime’s, but we should be able to choose whether to perform voice and video calls.

The clock app from iOS 7 will display the real time from its icon, although Apple did not talk about this subtle change in its keynote. The screenshot above is quite clear, I know that I don’t need to explain this in a more detailed way and we do not know yet if third party applications will experience something similar.

One of the subtle changes in iOS is the replacement of the signal bars with a number of points that tell us how strong the signal in the area where we were is. If at first glance does not seem a necessary change, the reality is that it does not make sense, but for Apple it means that it can remove the operators name from that position. Note that that those dots replace 100% of the operator name and from now on you will not know on what operator an iPhone is connected to unless you know what SIM card is in it, or from the Settings application.