How To Make Your Apps Look Like A Million Dollars Without Breaking The Bank

On February 13, 2012

Your App has to stand out in the App Store to even get a chance at success. There are lots of ways to do that.

You can make sure you have a good title, a well thought out description, good rankings etc.

Another way is to have great design. The type that blows the iPhone/iPad user’s mind away, they just have to tap the “Buy Now” button to check it out.

Up until now, to make your App look good but you either had to

  • Break the bank and hire a top-notch designer
  • Launch Photoshop and spend 30 hours making something that looks “nice”, or not.

There is another way.

Use an iOS App Design Template

Now you can buy an iOS App Design Template from App Design Vault and you get graphics to skin your app and make it look like a million dollars.

All that at a fraction of the price of hiring designers and at a fraction of the price 30 hours of your time is worth.

Here is a sample of templates you could own today.

Get 2 three iOS App Design Templates free

Tope, the Vault Overseer at App Design Vault has agreed to give-away three themes to three lucky readers of Mobile Orchard.

All you have to do to enter the contest is add the App Design Vault Google+ page to your circles. That is where the winner will be announced on the 18th of February.

You will be awarded enough credits to download 3 templates of your choice from the iOS App Design Gallery

Or Get The Bundle For Only $97

I know some of you can’t be bothered to enter the contest. Most of us don’t win anything anyway.

Good news is, you can still get a bundle of three iOS App Design Template for $97 instead of $210.

After you purchase your bundle, you will be awarded enough credits to download any three templates of your choice from the Gallery

Here are some reasons why getting the bundle makes sense.

  • A designer will charge you a minimum of $2000 to design something similar
  • You will have to spend at least 30 hours of your time to get similar designs (Calculate 30 times how much an hour of your time is worth)
  • Tope is crazy enough to give you the discount for a limited time

Yes, this is only available until 18th February 2012

The deal is only valid until the 18th of February so it is good to act now. You get a 100% money-back guarantee, without time limits.

You can be rest-assured you are in good hands as there are already lots of happy customers with apps live in the iTunes Store using the templates.