iOS Rate Survey Results

On July 4, 2013

You might remember that we asked for your help last week. We asked you to respond to a survey from the guys at Big Swing where they asked about about the pricing strategies of iOS developers. Well now the results are in and we have compiled some of them here, you can see the full results here.


Of the total 88 respondents almost 30 stated that they are located in a hotbed of technology.


39% of respondents stated that they have an hourly rate while 34% stated they charge a bit of both, meaning both an hourly rate on some projects and have a flat fee on some projects.

rate ranges

As you can see from the table above the average rate was between $76-100/hourly with roughly 7% of respondents making less than $25/hour, only 1 respondent makes more than $200/hour.

time developing

What’s interesting from the pie chart above is that more than half of all developers have been working with iOS for more than 3 years, another interesting fact is that 27% of respondents have been developing for less than two ears.