iOS4 on the iPod touch 2G, First Thoughts

On June 22, 2010

iOS4 on the iPod touch 2GI took the liberty of downloading and installing iOS4 on my iPod touch 2G last night (despite being one of the lucky people whose iPhone 4 order actually went through) just to have a look at the new OS.  What follows are some thoughts about the experience, particularly since the 2G is the bare minimum requirement to perform the upgrade.

The upgrade went pretty smoothly (unlike some stories I’ve read online) and all my apps appeared in the right places.  Interestingly, some apps that appeared on the home screen such as the clock and calculator are by default put into a folder titled "Utilities".

Multitasking is not an option on this device, so I simply played around with the ability to place apps in folders.  It was pretty easy.  All you have to do is hold your finger down over an icon and drag it to another icon.  The operating system creates the folder for the two apps for you and you simply have to name it.

Some other aspects were different.  I lost my background image of the Mona Lisa (I guess Apple lost the rights to that one) and the Settings layout is slightly different (an Airplane Mode option is the first item shown), but overall the OS is still very intuitive and shouldn’t have a major learning curve for adjustment. 

I did have some problems right after going to iOS4 with my device freezing up, but a reboot took care of that.  Other than that, I have had no problems with slow programs (which was a concern of mine).

When you have an hour or more to spare, I recommend upgrading your iPod touch 2G, its worth the wait.