iPad 3 could be released on Feb. 24, Steve Jobs's birthday

On December 24, 2011

If the name iPhone 4S didn’t make you believe that it is connected with a tribute to Apple’s Steve Jobs then maybe the launch of the iPad 3 on February 24 convince you, this is the same date when Steve Jobs would have celebrated his birthday, you would make you understand that Apple did not forget the famous founder.

After the iPhone 4S successfully took the tech market by storm, the iPad3 is widely expected to be Apple’s first hit product to be released next year. Industry sources said the first shipment of the iPad3 could exceed 4 million units. Because it is a new gadget, it is taking time for makers in the supply chain to raise their yield rates. The sources said all OEM and ODM makers have exercised great caution in ensuring the smooth operations of their production lines.

Of course it’s all just a rumor now that probably was born in the mind of a journalist in Taiwan but that does not mean that it would not be true. Last year iPad 2 was announced on 2 March, a week after the birthday of Steve Jobs and it wasn’t so unusual that this year things happen a little faster, all in memory of the legendary CEO.

Even if the iPad 3 will not be announced then, we might see it presented to a conference in early Apple in March. iPad 3 could have a thinner Retina Display and may come equipped with a quad-core but yet all this information is simple rumors so we will take them with a large dose of pessimism.