iPad 5 May Be Presented On June 18 Alongside iPhone 5S

On April 16, 2013

iPad 5, the future model of the iPad tablet from Apple would be presented on June 18 as a casings producer has already prepared its accessories. If the date is real, Apple is expected to hold WWDC 2013 starting June 18, and on that date to hold a separate conference to present both the iPhone 5S and the iPad tablet. According to carcass design presented in Asia, iPad 5 will have a design similar to that of the iPad Mini, the lightning and speaker port is repositioned, the tablet will be of course much thinner than the model which is now on sale.

In the picture above you can see the case for iPad 5 in the left side and iPad 4 in the right side, the differences are quite clear between the two products. The case for iPad 5 is thinner and has a larger opening speaker and Lightning port, while the second case for iPad 4 is made especially for the current design. To be honest I find the presentation on 18 June is false because Apple will not provide an iPhone 5S and iPad 5 tablet in the same time, the emphasis is always put on the iPhone, not on tablets.