iPad 5 with iPad Mini design and an iPhone 5S version with 128 GB memory

On January 29, 2013

Prompted by the unexpected success enjoyed by iPad Mini and rejection of the iPad classic now perceived as too bulky and heavy to be trendy the designers from Apple could launch an iPad 5 very different from its predecessor. In addition, four of the current iPad generation could get a version with twice as much storage space included.

According to rumor, iPad 5 tablet and the second generation of iPad Mini could be launched in the second half of this year, during the month of October.

Of these, iPad 5 promises to bring the most drastic changes in favor of abandoning the classic iPad for more compact designs, borrowed from Mini iPad tablet. Thus, the 9.7 inch screen of the tablet will be surrounded by asymmetric narrow length to give the impression of a more compact construction. According to information provided by iLounge publication whose editor says that he himself saw the prototype of an iPad 5 tablet, it is thinner and smaller than its predecessors.

Unfortunately the decision to change to a design so radically iPad tablet might create at least as many problems for users as it solves. While iPad 5 tablets wins in chapter portability, sacrifice usability on the risk to displease many of users accustomed to the form factor. Even if the new tablet can be used without problems and horizontally, we must not forget that the 4:3 aspect ratio screen was chosen precisely because it lends itself better to use upright for web browsing and reading of books electronically.

Until the advent of the new iPad 5 tablet, Apple could launch a variant equipped with superior features than those of iPad 4 after indices slipped into a beta version of iOS 6.1 reported a system with 128 GB internal memory. While some rumors talk about a version with 128 GB memory iPhone 5S, other sources lean towards an iPad 4th variant designed to reignite the interest of users.