iPad Casemate Case

On May 8, 2010

 We’ve started to receive our first review samples for cases and accessories for the iPad, and decided that this case would be a good place to start.

Case Mate has made hundreds of different cases over the years for mobile phones, and the quality and reliability of their product line has always been up to par.  The case we received for review for the iPad is their Gelli Checkmate Case.

The case is made from a flexible, plastic-like, translucent material that has a check board pattern across it where the squares are rotated 90 degrees.  It comes in 3 colors (Grey, Blue, Green), and the one we received was blue.  

It easily fits onto the iPad with just a little stretch over the iPads edges.  The material is thicker than we expected (which is a good thing), and has a nice "cushion" if you squeeze it.  The texture has a nice tactile feel and provides a good surface to get a firm grip on your iPad.

We like the fact that unlike some of the other ‘snap on’ cases, this case goes around the whole iPad and all of the edges are covered completely.  There is even a ridge over the front of the iPad and this adds just a little security for the front in case you drop the iPad on its face.

The Gelli Checkmate is very light, and does a good job of protecting the iPad from scratches and minor impacts.  Case Mate claims that the material is more resilient than silicone and rubber cases, and quite honestly, I don’t know if i would trust the iPad dropping on a hard surface with any case.

The case has all the appropriate cut outs for easy access to the dock and controls.  Once we put it on the iPad, the pattern came through nicely, and the case actually looks great.  

Our only issue with this case is the lack of glass protection for the front.  If you use a screen protector for the front of your iPad to prevent scratches, and you don’t want a physical cover for the front, then Case Mate is a good choice.  

At $39 suggested retail, its a little steep, and I would think that a clear plastic screen for the front should be provided, but overall, its a quality product and will definitely get the job done if this is the type of case your looking for.  You can get it on the Case Mate site.