iPad Mini success is above Apple's expectations

On December 17, 2012

iPad Mini is currently the best-selling Apple tablet, far exceeding the company estimates, which provided an initial volume of only 6 million orders, resulting in rapid depletion of stocks of tablets and store replenishment problems.

If the current trends continue, Apple will sell by the end of this year more than 12 million copies of iPad Mini, with a tiny tablet screen of 7.9″ beyond the classical version of the iPad tablet, recently reached the fourth generation.

More flexible and lighter than an iPad-size tablet, iPad Mini’s light weight and its suppleness are their main advantage, design features remaining almost unchanged from the previous generation of the iPad tablet. Another advantage for iPad Mini, resulting from the use of a specific resolution screen of older generation of Apple tablet which guarantee compatibility with an array of iOS applications – something that cannot be said so easily about Android based tablets.

The price is $329 for the version with 16 GB internal memory and WiFi connectivity.

According to the sources, the total volume of the Apple iPad tablets series sold in the year 2013 could reach 100 million units, forcing the company to take measures for contracting new suppliers of screens, which will join their existing partners – LG Display and AU Optronics.