iPad Pro – Apple Tablet with 12.9″ UHD screen could be launched in 2014

On November 20, 2013

ipad pro

About a larger screen version of the iPad tablet we heard back in May of this year, but Apple has released the new products this fall without launching this one. Rumors that come from the Far East states that component suppliers have already started production of necessary screens, the tablet will see the light of day somewhere in the first quarter of next year.

As with any rumor, you should keep your skepticism intact until product launch day, but Korean Times claims that even one of Apple’s component suppliers stated that the upcoming tablet screens are already in production. According to South Korean newspaper, the future Apple product will be called iPad Pro and will have a screen with a diagonal of 12.9″ with a resolution close to UHD and will be launched somewhere in the first quarter of next year.

At this point, the most popular tablets are compact, with sizes between 7 and 8 inches, but Apple probably thinks that the tablet market of big dimensions is untapped. Those from Cupertino are not the only ones that have this impression, and Samsung is preparing a larger version of the Galaxy Note tablet which will provide a similar diagonal.

They would target users who use a tablet for work, the extra screen space offering the convenience of a laptop without losing the advantages of lower weight, better range and higher software optimization for tactile interaction. If iPad Pro will prove to be a real product remains to be seen how Apple will solve the autonomy problem and computing power required to display 3D content at UHD resolution without reaching from where they left, ie a laptop without keyboard.