iPad sells over 50,000 units in 2 hrs?

On March 12, 2010

As more observers look for signs that indicate the number of units sold, it seems that a few of us have been watching the sequential numbers that are generated for orders on the apple.com site. 

This morning we placed 2 orders ourselves about 2 hours apart.  The difference between those numbers is a little over 40,000.  Of course we can’t assume that every online order is for the iPad, but I would bet that the vast majority of those are.

Fortune has also reported on an organized effort that seems to be showing orders in excess of 50,000 each 2 hours, roughly the same thing we found with our calculation.

Since Apple has placed a 2 order limit per customer, and that is not unlikely that some users bought more than 1 unit, it seems pretty plausable that today could bring over 200,000 units sold in their first day (assuming that demand keeps up and they don’t run out of iPads)!