The iPad? What’s in a name?

On August 18, 2009

The iPad?According to popular rumor, the new large-screen tablet that Apple will begin marketing next year has a name:  iPad.  This is according to a choice on a Borders bookstore survey.  Now, the name could simply be an assumption on the part of Borders or it could be a leak from behind the Apple Iron Curtain.

Leaks don’t come easily from Cupertino, which is how Steve Jobs and company can surprise the public so often.  They’re wise in not having any sort of response.  Perhaps Apple leaked it intentionally to try the name out and see if it works.  On the other hand, if it were leaked, it would likely find its way to something larger than a Borders survey.

iPad is actually a pretty good name for the device.  The name evokes the iPod (and likely fits in the family if rumors are true and it will be running the iPod Touch OS rather than Snow Leopard or any other Mac OS) but is different enough for people to think of it as a functionally unique device.  On the other hand, it could make some folks think of tampons or something.  What next?  The iMaxiPad?  Perhaps "iTablet" would be a better name.

Granted, I don’t plan to buy an "iPad", particularly due to what I perceive as a high price if the rumors are true.  I may splurge on a new iPod Touch if it does, in fact, come with a camera.  We’ll have to wait until September to separate rumors from truth.