iPhone 2G and Many Other Apple Products Will Not Be Repaired in The Apple Store's Starting June 11

On April 30, 2013

iPhone 2G is the popular name of the first model of the iPhone, a terminal which was released in 2007 by Apple. 6 years later, the people at Apple have decided that the terminal is obsolete and should be removed from use, so they refused to order the shop to repair the device, citing the lack of components as a reason.

In the U.S. terminals will be repaired only in certain states because the law obligates the company to do so, but for the rest of the world the terminal will no longer be inspected by any Apple employee. The same rule applies to the authorized repair shops or to resellers.

Along with that model from iPhone, Apple lists a very large range of Macs, launched until 2007, which will no longer be able to be repaired or will be repaired only in certain locations in the U.S.. Most of these models have at least 6 years of availability in the market and it was normal for Apple to decide to refuse to repair them, even if the warranty has expired, so if you have problems with any of the models listed above, you will know that it is possible you cannot fix it.