iPhone 3.0 SDK Pre-dieu

On March 21, 2009

Apple has redeemed itself.

The iPhone 3.0 SDK is one of the most promising updates that have ever been announced. Not only does Apple seem to have taken some time to finally incorporate features that have been demanded by iPhone owners for almost two years now, but it has, I think, proven to be a consumer satisfaction-driven company as of this past Tuesday.

Oh, and the Palm Pre? Not an iPhone killer.

At the beginning of the year, I complained about the stringent restrictions of the App Store, and the potential for Palm’s catalog to be much more promising. My main point of discussion was, of course, GPS (turn-by-turn, to be exact). Apple was very specific in announcing turn-by-turn GPS applications to be released alongside the 3.0 SDK, and I commend them for that. I guess Palm’s catalog is lackluster at this moment. Not to mention, I also made a point to show my disappointment in Apple’s reluctance in allowing the iPod’s functions to be accessed by applications. Once again, Apple proved me to be an impatient consumer, as apps such as the Sims 3 (soon to be released on the iPhone), will have the ability to use the iPod’s music library, as demonstrated on Tuesday. I cannot complain much about applications’ new ability to allow for in-app purchases, either.

Many of us wondered when background apps were going to be a reality, what with all the multitasking the iPhone tempts us with. Needless to say, I don’t think any of us will ever be reluctant to close any application whatsoever in fear of missing an important message or real-time update, as Apple has got us covered with real push functionalities, finally. Truthfully, I doubt the Palm Pre’s background performance will be nearly as impressive as the iPhone’s.

We’re talking about the Apple, here, people! To be completely honest, I was satisfied just by the integration of copy/paste. It seems to have an extremely accessible interface, and will definitely make writing e-mails much easier, as will the landscape mode that can also be used to view/compose (multimedia) texts, notes, etc. I won’t be looking at the Palm Pre ever again.

With over one hundred new features to be released on the 3.0 update, there are still really amazing things to come on the iPhone. It has shown its true side, demonstrating that it is here to stay, as one of the most innovative pieces of technology to have hit the cell-phone market in a long time. In just a few months, all of us iPhone users will be able to experience the ultimate phone we expected to arrive through divine intervention. The iPhone will, undoubtedly, be the supreme phone deity.