iPhone 3G- Cradle- Optional… Case- Not So Much

On June 25, 2008

As many suspected might be the case, in order to reduce their cost on the 3G iPhone, Apple has followed an increasingly common practice.

They no longer include a cradle with iPods.

They no longer include a remote with MacBooks.

And now, they no longer include a cradle with the iPhone.

The price comparison Apple is making at every opportunity is rather deceptive. They say the original iPhone was $499 while the 3G iPhone is $199 when the original iPhone included a $48 accessory the 3G does not.

If you want to actually compare apples to apples, the price is actually $499 vs $248 (3G iPhone + $48 cradle).

Yes Apple, it is certainly a whole lot less out of pocket for the 3G but at least be HONEST about what you get. Sure you can still buy one for $48 but that is a full 25% of the 3G’s price. I

The good news, however, is that the cradle is entirely optional and thos epurchasing the 3G iPhone can easily do without it.

That is NOT, however, the case with regard to…



All indications are that unlike the original iPhone which can take an absolutely beating and still look decent, the 3G iPhone gets marred, scratched bumped and bruised like nobody’s business. So while the metal and glass spent time on the "Cases Optional" Beach, unless you want your 3G iPhone to look like it was used as a hockey puck, you had better take it to the Cases Required" Beach.

As is so often the case, cheaper means… cheaper. Then again, you did only pay $199 (errrr. make that $248) for it in the first place.