iPhone 3G Not Yet Released– Already A Hit

On June 26, 2008

It wasn’t all that ong ago that skeptics were wondering if Steve Jobs bit off a bit more than he can chew when he said that Apple would sell 10 million iPhones by the end of 2008.

Well guess who is already having the last laugh…

According to AppleInsider

Checks within Apple’s supply chain reveal the iPhone maker to have hiked its iPhone 3G build orders through the end of the year to more than 15 million, according to one Wall Street analyst.

But wait… there’s more….

The post indicates that there is also an upward revision for iPod build orders to the tune of 15%.

Mac orders are also up with orders by Apple suggesting a 10-20%increase in builds.

None of which is a surprise seeing as I spent time with yet ANOTHER switcher yesterday.

Critics- "You over-reached Stevo…"

Stevo- "Look at me… I’m king of the world!"