iPhone 3GS – Whats Missing?!

On June 20, 2009

What could possibly be missing from the newest iPhone 3GS?  It has GPS, a Compass, Video Recording, and of course all of the things that the 3G had, but I can’t help wonder what Apple could do to make it even better, since they are going to have to do that for the next version right?  Well here is what we think would push the iPhone way ahead of the competition… 


Mass Storage

A disk mode, like that found on the iPod would make this a great feature.  The ability to drag files directly to the phone for storage and use it as a mass media storage device would really be great.  I know, there are a few apps out there that let you do something similar between phones or even from your computer, but somehow, now that that storage is cheap and we know the next versions of the phone will have even more of it, this should really be a built in feature.

Better Camera

Yes, Apple increased the megapixels on the 3GS to 3, but why stop there?  There are already a few cameras on the market (Nokia N97) that support over 5 megapixels, and 3 is really the minimum todays digital camera users would consider when buying a new digital camera (can you even buy a 3 megapixel anymore?).  A better camera would definately make me consider using the iPhone as a full time digital camera instead of carting mine around when i want to take general pics (not just snapshots for eBay).

How about an LED Flash?  Or built in software based image stabalization?

Video Conferencing

Yes, I know the camera would have to face the other direction and point at you while you can look at the screen, but heck, why not let it rotate on top like some of those other phones.  This is one feature (now that the iPhone is supporting video), that would be a killer to the competition.  I cant begin to tell you how useful this is, maybe AT&T is behind holding this one up?  God knows it would take a LOT of bandwidth to do, so this is probably not going to happen any time soon.

What do you think?  How else could they improve the next version?