iPhone 3GS will soon stop its production

On July 31, 2011

A month separates us from Apple’s conference in September in which we see presented iOS 5 in all its “beauty” but also the new iPhone 5 device.

If history is repeated this year then iPhone 4 will take place of the iPhone 3GS from Apple’s offer, and the latter device will no longer be produced and will be removed from all of their partners.

Last week we talked about rumors that contradicted this tradition and claimed that the iPhone 3GS will continue to be sold by Apple in a low-end version and will be available for only $350.

Those from 9to5Mac were able to learn from sources inside Apple’s distribution network, that the iPhone 3GS stocks were substantially reduced. Both the Apple retailers in the U.S. and some phone operators in Europe, stocks of iPhone 3GS are unusually low and in some cases, certain stores were not informed about the completion of the stock in the near future. If the information is true then the iPhone 3GS will be gone from early September and the iPhone 4 to take its place in Apple’s offer.

In general a reduction of the stock is the first sign of Apple’s intention to remove a product from production. Everything is a rumor for now but the information is logical considering that the iPhone 5 will be released and iPhone 3GS is on the market for over two years so it could be gone without problems.