iPhone 4 And Their Unlock Solution

On June 14, 2011

Today Apple has included in their own online store from U.S., unlocked iPhone 4 GSM devices. Apple sells iPhone devices for four years but never offered in the U.S. the unlocked version of the most popular smartphone on the planet. Until today (probably) Apple had an exclusive contract with the U.S. operator AT&T, so that all iPhone devices were sold in the U.S. coded in the AT&T network regardless of where they were purchased. For now everything has changed, Apple sells in the U.S. decoded devices and this means that many users will prefer to buy iPhone devices directly from U.S. at much lower prices than anywhere else in the world.

Apple sells unlocked iPhones at a convenient cost, Americans can buy iPhone devices and will be able to use them on any network but what will happen to the decode? Dev Team is “struggling” over 9 months to make an unlock solution for the iPhone 4 but if they managed to do it or not we will find out after the release of the iOS 5 when there is a chance that this solution to be released. However, considering that Americans are now able to buy unlocked iPhone 4 (probably iPhone 5 when it will be released), what’s the point of a solution to unlock the device? The team thinks primarily for Americans, the rest of the world falls into the background plan.

Even if Apple sells iPhone 4 unlocked now, there are still a lot of iPhone 4 owners who cannot change their terminal or if they do they will probably change it with one from AT&T. In this situation will many visitors eager to decode their devices so Dev Team will probably be there but they will needed increasingly less in developing solutions to unlock the iPhone device.