iPhone 4 has the most popular camera on Flickr

On June 21, 2011

At WWDC 2011, Scott Forstall said on the scene’s opening keynote that the iPhone 4 is among the most popular devices that have been made pictures and uploaded to Flickr. Just two weeks after that keynote came the first Flickr statistics, where the iPhone 4 is presented as having the most popular camera that has made pictures and was uploaded to the famous photo sharing site.

The device from Apple surpassed Nikon D90 and took first place thanks to the increasing number of users who use the device to capture snapshots.

The fact that iPhone 4 has the most popular camera that was taken pictures and were uploaded to Flickr comes to show how useful is a Smartphone camera but how good is the iPhone 4 camera. This supremacy will probably last for a long time but right now the iPhone 4 has broke a record in April and I think it is the first Smartphone that come first in this ranking.