iPhone 4 Prototype on eBay

On August 22, 2012

The iPhone 4 might not mean much today but when it was first released, it was a new breather especially for the iPhone community. This is because the iPhone 4 had a much different look as compared with the iPhones before this. Those that had the iPhone 4 previously saw the immense difference between it and its predecessors. If you want to be a part of Apple’s history, then one iPhone 4 might interest you and we are talking about an iPhone 4 prototype.

One seller on eBay had graciously put a listing on a prototype iPhone 4 which is codenamed N90AP. Its buy it now price stands at a whopping $10,000 although right now it is on a maximum bid of $4,500.00. The unique thing about this iPhone is that it is powered by Apple’s testing suite, which is called the SwitchBoard. It was said that the company disabled all of the prototypes but apparently this one wasn’t.

The iPhone comes with a 32GB storage space and all except the battery is the original prototype component. Suffice to say that if you are a collector, then this device might be of high value for you. With 4 more days to go, we expect the price of this device to go close to its BIN.