iPhone 4/4S mod kit store asked to close down

On August 24, 2012

A China based company has been selling modification kits for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S devices so that it would look a bit like the upcoming iPhone 5. It seems that it has garnered enough attention until it came into the attention of Apple itself. As a result, the business and the website which is the frontline of the business has been given a cease and desist letter by the Cupertino based company.

iPhone5mod.com has stated that in less than 48 hours, the company will no longer accept any further orders from customers. This is to comply to the cease and desist letter as well as to “prevent any further trouble”. However, those that have placed their orders or will be placing theirs within these couple of days will find that their orders to be honored by the company.

The mod kits that were sold by the company had followed the specifications given from the leaked photos of the upcoming iPhone 5. There has yet to be a confirmation from Apple about the C&D although it is quite common and frankly, iPhone5mod.com had certainly saw it coming especially when they are playing with copyrights such as the Apple logo for instance.