iPhone 4S gets 4G labels with iOS 5.1 upgrade

On March 8, 2012

iOS 5.1 is an upgrade that has just been released today and it gave quite a number of improvements. For example, Siri now recognizes another language which is Japanese thus improving it significantly. In addition to that, there are a few bug fixes as well such as those that would cause the call to be dropped and those that are affecting the life of the iOS device. Not only that, AT&T users may find themselves in a surprise because now, the iPhone 4S gets a 4G label for those under the carrier’s network.

Before you jump into conclusion, it is best to highlight that the improvement was only a label but not an improvement to the phone. Users will not be experiencing any improvements in speed but rather a change into the 4G label whenever the user is under AT&T HSPA+ connection. This is because in the company’s perspective, LTE and HSPA+ falls under 4G although technically it is not. Due to this reason, Apple decided to comply with AT&T and labels the phone to be under a 4G connection when it is in a HSPA+ covered area. It should definitely be noted that this is just a marketing stunt and would happen only on iPhone 4S devices.