iPhone 4 available in the 8 GB version and iPhone 4S available in 16/32 GB versions

On May 29, 2011

An website from France has found the above case in one of the local shops and watch as it is mentioned that such housing is compatible with iPhone 4G 8/16GB and iPhone 4GS for 16/32GB. Now I will not speculate on the fact that the iPhone 4S will have the same exact capacity as its predecessors but the switch from iPhone 4 to the 8 GB version it is quite logic. So did Apple iPhone 3G/3GS after launching new models and the iPhone 4 will follow the same course, that will be available in 8GB version and will be about 100€ cheaper than the iPhone 5.

If iPhone 4S will going to have the same capacity is hard to say but if you have the camera able to shoot in 1080p format when there are great chances to see a 64GB version. In the meantime waiting for WWDC to see if the rumors are true and the new iPhone 5 will be presented then. As you can see, the rumors and the speculations are getting close to the truth and the iPhone 5 will definitely be ready soon. Wait and see.