iPhone 4S is plagued with another problem: ‘no SIM card installed’ messages

On November 18, 2011

Apparently the battery life problem isn’t the only problem that iPhone 4S users are facing. There is also another problem on which a lot of iPhone 4S users are reporting which is the ‘no SIM card installed’ messages.

This problem is occurring on multiple iPhone devices with Woo Servers said that at least 2 of the 5 iPhone bought had the problem. However, there is no definite answer as to the problem is hardware or software specific although there are reports that it may be a hardware or SIM problem as users report that the message goes away after switching to a new SIM. Some people also fixed the problem by taking out the SIM card from the slot and putting it back again.

Apple has a lot to think about especially with the flaws in its products. Should this be an iOS problem, then there will be a lot to fix as it is leaving a lot of users unsatisfied with their products. The previous iPhone 4 had the antennagate problem which was fixed with a bumper casing while the iPhone 4S has these problems and counting. Whatever problem it may be, we assume that there will be fixes released in the future although it may take an update or two before the problem is fully gone for good.